Hours and Location

We are open 11:00am-10:00pm Sunday-Thursday
and 11:00-11:00 on Friday and Saturday.
We deliver all day everyday until 30 minutes before close.  Use our Online Ordering to place your order in advance!

Spankey’s Una Pizza is conveniently located off North Sonntag Ave in the Westside Plaza by El Charro. We offer delivery or carry out.

714 N. Sonntag Ave, Westside Plaza, Evansville, IN

22 Responses to Hours and Location

  1. Sonya says:

    Can’t wait to try your pizza!!

  2. keith smith says:

    great pizza! Mesh in bottom of box to prevent sticking was a stroke of genious! Look into having a philly cheesesteak pizza.

  3. Christina Robinson says:

    I ate TWO Spankey’s pizzas this past weekend and don’t mind one bit that I will now be attending an extra spin class this week!!!

  4. John Cook says:

    greatest pizza ever!!! I could eat it everyday.

  5. Connie John says:

    I tried your pizza, MAGNIFICENT!

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